No matter comedy, dramedy or drama, Anne explores deep feelings of loss and disconnection in relationship, all the while believing in the power of love, creativity and imagination to win in the end.


(Lifetime, In Development)

Baby Obsession

(Lifetime, Premiered December 2018)

Anna Gray is starting a family with her loving husband Jon, but little does she know that Rachel, the mother of the baby who died under Anna’s watch years ago, has been waiting for this day, determined to take back what Anna took from her.

My True Love's Wedding

(Hallmark Channel, In Development)

The Big D (tv pilot - dramedy)

(Semi-Finalist 2018 Sundance Episodic Writer's Lab)

Secrets and truths unfold for a Dallas Socialite family, after an affair disrupts their seemingly perfect life.

Interiors (tv pilot - drama)

(semi-finalist 2017 Bluecat Episodic Screenwriting)

February 1981.  A rising star of interior design with unorthodox methods awakens the deepest truth in others, while living as authentically as he can in a double life.

Thrift Ladies (tv pilot - comedy)

(workshopped at The Barrow Group, starring Anne Richardson, Lynn Cohen & Deidre Goodwin)

In a city like New York, you wanna go where everyone knows your name, has your back, and maybe even score a pair of sweet used Manolos...